President Rodney Warrender

2019/2020 Executive Committee and Responsibilities

President: Rodney Warrender

Executive Committee:

Arthur Ball, Don Corry, Bruce Currie, Glenda Eden, Garrick Hamlyn, Noel Topp

Secretary Manager: Garrick Hamlyn

Match Committee Convener: Keith Arthur

Executive Responsibilities:

President: (Rodney Warrender). Carries out the traditional role of a Club President and ensures that the Executive works towards carrying out the approved Strategic Plan.

On the Green:(Bruce Currie) Responsible for all the bowls activity including Club Championships, Open Tournaments, Club Tournaments, Club Days and Club Representative selections.

Off the Green:(Noel Topp / Ian Newland) As Green Superintendents they have responsibility, in liaison with the Green keeper, for all maintenance of the greens and surrounds, along with responsibility for compliance with the clubs Health & Safety and Risk Management Policies.

Administration: (Garrick Hamlyn) Together with the Treasurer is responsible for financial planning, compliance with Executive approved policy and maintaining the clubs accounts. 

Strategic Planning: ( Rodney Warrender / Garrick Hamlyn) Responsible for developing the Strategic Plan and leading its implementation.

Social:(Glenda Eden) Responsible for the clubs social programme, publicity and communication.

Casual Bowls: (Arthur Ball) Responsible for all casual bowls activity including Twilight and Corporate Bowls.

Covered Green Project: (Don Corry) Responsible for leading and planning all aspects of the project.

Past Presidents

2016-2019     Rodney Warrender

2014-2015     Don Corry

2012-2014     Maurice Bradley

2010-2011     Ray Mace

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