Membership Categories

If you are a new bowler or wishing to transfer from another club our membership categories and annual subscriptions are as follows.

Full Playing Membership

Entitles members to participate in all club events as scheduled in the Club Calendar and in accordance with Conditions of Play for the various Tournaments and Competitions.

The Greens are also available for practice, or just a roll up with your club mates, at most times. 

Sometimes greens will be closed for maintenance, however there is usually one green available for your use. 

In addition to activities "On the Green" the club runs various social events, in which you are encouraged to participate.

Membership also includes membership of Club Mt Maunganui and you are encouraged to enjoy all those facilities at your leisure.  

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available to bowlers who are a full playing member of another Affiliated Bowling Club and entitles you to use our club greens for practice and participate in Club Days.

Student Members

Have the same rights as Full Playing Members.

Green Fee Bowler

The card only allows this person to Casual Bowling on the Artificial Green when not in use for a Club Tournament or a Group Booking.

Social Membership (Non-Playing)

This membership is for those wanting to stay involved in the club in a non-playing capacity, as in still carry on getting all the correspondence and still be named in the handbook.

Annual Subscriptions

Annual Subscriptions, including Club Mount Maunganui membership fees, are due in advance by 31st August. You will receive your subscription notice in July of each year as follows.

Subscriptions for the 2022-23 year are:

$240.00  Full Playing Membership / Inclusive Mt Club Fee

$130.00  Associate Membership / Inclusive Mt Club Fee

$155.00  1st Year Member / Inclusive Mt Club Fee

$60.00   Student Membership / Exclusive Mt Club Fee

$65.00   Green Fee Bowler / Exclusive Mt Club Fee

$60.00   Non-Playing Membership / Exclusive Mt Club Fee

Subscriptions received after 31st August incur a further $5.00 charge.

Part year subscriptions are calculated and paid on a pro-rata basis.

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